About Us

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, we are the world’s first start up impact driven nonprofit.

KultureCity® was founded in 2013 with the mission to inspire the community to join us in creating a world where all autistic individuals can be accepted, included and fulfill their potential.

We aim to fill a fundamental need within the country. While there are many other autism charities focused on finding cures for autism, none nationally is solely focused on helping autistic individuals realize their potential by providing tangible help and equipping businesses and the community to relate to children with autism and their families.

We provide tangible help, fulfilling the here and now needs for these children and their families. The journey of autism and any other special needs diagnosis can be isolating. Furthermore, resources are hard to find and limited. Families often struggle to fit into the community. We created programs aimed at serving these children and families directly. This helps them realize their potential and guarantee them a future that is not limited by their medical diagnosis.

We believe in full accountability. Every dollar donated goes directly to the children we help. We are not only engaged with our donors but also with the people we serve and donate to. We connect with the families personally. In turn, many of these families begin to play active roles within their local special needs community, extending their own support to other families. Change comes one person at a time, and we are intent on changing the kulture of autism acceptance and inclusion in our world today.