A free kit provided to autistic children to prevent wandering and wandering related accidents.

What’s a lifeBOKS?

lifeBOKS Program for Kids With Autism Who Wander

Autism & Wandering

50% of autistic individuals wander or bolt from safety. This can put them at risk of trauma, injury or even death. 62% of families of these individuals were prevented from attending / enjoying activities outside the home due to fear of wandering thus decreasing their accessibility to the community.

LifeBOKS changes that

It breaks down the familial barriers and creates accessibility by providing families with the confidence to go out into the community without fear of wandering.

What’s in a lifeboks?

A Bluetooth buddy tag tracking bracelet

This is a bluetooth device that has an out-of-range alert to help prevent losing your child; a water safety alert to help prevent accidental drowning and a panic alarm for your child to alert you when in a threatening situation. It has no monthly fee and requires no charging.


A SmartKids ID Shoe Tag

This shoe tag combines QR Code technology with a 24/7 toll free Help Hotline thus helping first responders identify your loved one in an event of an emergency


Window / Door Alarms

These alarms provide a simple low cost effective solution to protect your loved one from wandering thanks to the 120 decible alarms that sound when a door or window is opened where the alarm is placed.



These are temporary tattoos that provide an extra layer of identification in the event of a wandering.

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