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I will run the NYC marathon on November 6th in support of KultureCity, an organization that creates possibility through sensory accessibility, acceptance and inclusion for those with invisible disabilities.

My whys: Persistence, Creativity, Inclusion

Anyone who knows me, will know that I am stubborn, or in more positive terms, persistent. While I fully understand the word no, and why it must often be used, I also know that it can be followed by a why or why not? What barrier could be removed, or what change could be made to create an opportunity, instead of a dead end? (I am not living if I am not creating something). And if I don’t have the answer, who else could I ask or enroll to help find one? I like to believe that challenges, like puzzles, can be met and solved, especially when we all come together. Everyone has something to offer, and the results can be pretty incredible when people feel included in bringing their contributions.

KultureCity appeals to me for the very simple reason that they work to solve the challenges to inclusion, by tackling the barriers to equal access for all. While I was first introduced to KultureCity through running and their philanthropical fitness branch, KCFit, my “eureka” moment came when I took a deeper dive into the story behind the organization and how they view inclusion. These three lines are so simple and yet so profound,

“You see, there is a fundamental difference between awareness and acceptance.

Awareness always gives you an out.

Acceptance does not.”

I will run the NY marathon on November 6th with all of my persistence, to help create inclusion and acceptance for all. I will run to honour all of those who work tirelessly for acceptance.

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Created June 6th, 2022

Ali Hoover


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