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My name is Mike Sorensen and I am an educator from Utah.  I am excited to raise money for Kulture City and their mission to create inclusion for individuals with sensory needs, individuals like my 10 year old nephew Asher. As much as I love being an educator, family is the #1 priority in my life. Asher is the oldest son of my brother Curt.  I have looked up to my brother for the past 40 years and would do anything for him.  He ran the NYC marathon in 2021 to raise money for kids like Asher and families like his but is unable to run this year. I want to run in his place and help as many kids like Asher experience life to the fullest. Help Asher and other families like my brothers and donate to Kulture City!  Thank you!

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Created June 1st, 2023

Mike Sorensen


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