Charles’ Birthday

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Celebrate Charles’ Birthday in support of KultureCity.

KultureCity is the nation’s leading nonprofit on sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities.

At Tao Group Hospitality, we have trained our team members at 4 of our restaurants, and are planning to train team members at the rest restaurants this month, to become the first FULLY sensory inclusive restaurant group!!!

Join us for an EPIC celebration including an open bar & food at LAVO Nightclub from 8-11pm.

On November 7th I ran the NYC Marathon in support of KultureCity. KultureCity makes the nevers possible by creating sensory accessibility, acceptance and inclusion for those with invisible disabilities.

Why I ran:

– My mom, Momma Lerner, was a speech pathologist for elementary school students with invisible disabilities. I vividly remember going to work with her and experiencing the joy that she brought her students by making them feel included. Parents told her that because of her work, their children were able to communicate better. I remember thinking to myself how unfair it was that we could so easily go to a ballgame as a family, but that other families did not have the same opportunity for reasons they could not control. KultureCity is giving these families opportunities to experience the same joy that every child deserves.

– My dad, (legendary moustache) Abe, immigrated to America with his parents, both Holocaust survivors, when he was 8 years old without a dollar in his pocket and knowing no English. He started working at 14 years old, ultimately owned his own business #Avignone, and gave me the most incredible education any child could ask for.

– My Aunt Merle was in a car accident 38 years ago. After the doctors first said she would not survive, and then told her that she would never walk again, she (with the help of my mom, dad and her entire community) defied all odds through perseverance. To this day 38+ years later, although more often seen in her yellow motorized wheelchair endearingly nicknamed ‘bumble bee,’ she can still walk, feed herself, and inspires those around her.

I ran the marathon for all the families my mom impacted, for my dad’s parent’s, for my Aunt Merle and to create opportunities accessible for ALL people. These 26.2 miles are for all of you.

My ‘why’ in life is to make the world a more inclusive place – thank you for your support in this journey!

Positive vibes always,
Charity Charles

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Created March 3rd, 2022



We’re Ready to Party!

Alex Elshaw

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Max Geller

Happy birthday chuck

Gil Ben-Ami

We Love You Charles!!! Happy 30th Birthday!

Maureen Mayen


Nikki McCutcheon

Happppppy Birthday Charles!!!

Nina Scalera

Amazing work Charles & Tao group!! Can't wait to celebrate

Richard Henkin


James Singh

Happy birthday Handro!

Richard Lewis

Good job brotha

Timothy Ngoge

Really love you man

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