Dan Vasquenza

Dan Vasquenza
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I’ve never run a marathon, not even a half marathon. Ok. I ran a 10k the month of July, in Atlanta three years ago. So, I’m NOT a runner, right? Well, thanks to Jesse Itzler’s “I’m not a runner, YET,” so I’m going to attempt to accomplish a Navy Seal Challenge by running a 4-4-48. The weekend upcoming 10/23-10/25, I will run 4-miles, every 4-hours for 48-straight hours.

I’m determined to run more than 4-miles, several times. Don’t believe me? How many miles do you think I’ll run? What would you donate to Kulture City? What if I finish, what will you donate to Kulture City? Would you prefer to donate to Kulture City by playing the #’s 4’s, 8’s, 48’s how about 480, or bigger? Your donation and name will become my “WHY.” Why I’ll fight to give up sleep. Why I’ll take lonely dark runs at crazy hours in the night. Why I’ll go so early in the AM. Why? Why? Why! Click, donate , share and fuel my WHY of YOU for Kulture City.

Please DM me if you’d like to support by running some of this with me in-person, or why not join me virtually for 48-hours. THANK YOU!!

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