Danielle’s NYC Marathon Fundraiser

NYC Marthon Logo Danielle’s NYC Marathon Fundraiser

Honored to run for charity, KultureCity, in the NYC Marathon on Nov 7th. I've been training for almost 5 months now and the race is almost here!

I'm helping to raise awareness for KultureCity for those with sensory needs and helping fundraise through my training and running for the NYC Marathon. I joined the KCFit team again this year to help continue the efforts to make our communities more sensory inclusive so that we can include those with sensory needs and also their families in public places, venues and events. I ran with KCFit in 2017 and hoping to come back and finish strong in this race after my double surgery on my right hip and hamstring in 2018.

1 in 6 Americans have a sensory need or an invisible disability that includes those with Autism, PTSD, Dementia, Strokes and more.

KultureCity Makes the Nevers Possible by training and working with public places and venues to make them sensory inclusive (Zoos, Airports, Stadiums and many, many more) and provide Sensory Bags or Sensory Rooms at locations. There is so much more KultureCity is doing...one highlight is police & law enforcement officers across the U.S. are going through sensory-inclusive training.

Please join me by following along in my IG or FB stories each week with the final days of my training and also the Marathon on Nov 7th!

$11,867 of $10,000 goal


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