Dunk on the World: Dunk And Donate Challenge

Dunk on the World: Dunk And Donate Challenge
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The equal rights of all individuals should be the standard in our society and our justice system. Unfortunately, money, gender, religion, status, race or disability, the rights of individuals are never equal. Today in America, we are able to see more clearly that the rights of the disabled are being taken advantage of, especially in minority communities.

Cases like Matthew Rushin and Neli Latson recently come to mind making this issue’s importance ever more pressing.

KultureCity is teaming up with Kalin Bennett and Dominique Wilkins to launch a fundraising initiative to create a legal defense fund for those with disabilities that have had their rights denied. All funds raised in this fundraiser will go towards the creation of the Bennett Wilkins Legal Defense Fund.

Help us raise awareness by creating your best dunk video. It can be a ball, a cookie, or really anything that can be dunked. Then challenge your friends to #dunkanddonate in this #dunkontheworld challenge.

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