Jack’s Marathon

Jack’s Marathon
$660 / $2,600

My name is Jack Knight, I am 28 and I am on a mission to promote an inclusion for and to change the world for people like me . At the age of 3, I was diagnosed with autism . I have significant difficulty with communication and sensory regulation . My life has been a journey and I want to make it possible for others like myself to be able to do things they didn't think they could also.

Over the last 4 years I have run countless 5ks and 10ks and 8 half marathons and in 2019 ran the Mercedes Marathon for my first ever. As a result over 100 people crossed the finish line either as part of a relay team , half marathon or running with us in the full as :"Jack's Pack " representing KultureCity and galvanizing a community to run with me for inclusion and acceptance for all individuals with autism and other invisible disabilities. I have been told my whole life" I couldn't " and most people believed I wouldn't be able to run a full marathon but I proved that with belief and perseverance and the support of some amazing people I could do anything.

On November 13, 2021 I will be taking on my second marathon , Chickamayga Battlefield Marathon . Again I am raising money for KultureCity, so they can keep moving forward making this world more inclusive and sensory friendly . Help me please obtain my goal of 2600 , 100% of your donation goes towards this effort . Thank you so much for your amazing help.

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