Jen’s 2nd Annual 24 Hour Run/Walk Challenge

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The 2nd Annual 24-Hour Challenge will take place May 21/22, to honor the kiddos and families highlighted on the Flip The Lens With Jen podcast/blog. I’ll again attempt to stay on my feet for 24 hours, all while raising money for KultureCity. This awesome non-profit creates environments of inclusion for individuals living on the spectrum or with sensory issues, making “the nevers possible”!


This year’s goal is to raise $15,000, which would cover the cost of a sensory room build-out at a public venue, and provide some sensory bags for first responders who partner with Kulture City. I’m asking you to join me in several ways, as these things can’t be done alone!


1. Click the link to donate
2. Click the link to run/walk with me on the 21/22 (7am-7am)
3. Share this with your friends & family


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Created April 21st, 2022



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