NYC Marathon for Jack and KCfit

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I had a pair of the hottest college football tickets in my hands and was excited to take my son Jack to the game that day. It was a beautiful autumn day, barely any clouds above immersed by a bright blue sky. We finished eating some delicious food at a friend's tailgate and headed over to the stadium. As soon as we got down the aisle to our seats, just before kick-off, I noticed fear and anxiety instantly take over Jack's face. Everyone was standing, cheering in anticipation for the start of the game. Suddenly, the crowd's cheers were drowned out by the sound of Jack's full-on temper tantrum. Although we didn't see the game that day, it was later in my life that I was introduced to KultureCity. I quickly learned about the services KultureCity provides the "sensory needs" community and how it could offer Jack and others a different experience that day. So, for that reason, I'm running the NYC Marathon 11/7/21.

This will be my first official marathon and I'm super stoked to be doing it with some of the crew at KultureCity. Your donations and support will help us meet our mission for inclusion and acceptance in public places for many families and individuals, like my son Jack. Thank you for reading my story and playing an important part in our movement. Please know your support in KultureCity will undoubtedly be the fuel in my feet to finish.

Much love, Dan V.

$5,875 of $5,000 goal


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