Susanne’s NYC Marathon Fundraiser

NYC Marthon Logo Susanne’s NYC Marathon Fundraiser

I'm beyond excited to be running my 4th NYC marathon for KultureCity. Every time I see another testimonial from a family, I am reinvigorated with the excitement of why we do what we do. In the last few weeks I have read about a family who was able to take their child to a baseball game for the first time because the stadium is now sensory trained and equipped. I read about a family who was able to take their daughter on a cruise and enjoy the theatre because our sensory bags were there. I read every day about families who no longer feel isolated, because we are creating environments across the nation where they can now be included. Sensory challenges affect 1 in 4 individuals. You may know someone who is affected. For many of these individuals, they are frequently told things they may never be able to do as a result of their challenges. At KultureCity, we believe in making the nevers possible.

Thank you for helping us!

$5,022 of $5,000 goal


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