Help Provide Therapy for People with Special Needs Affected by Irma and Harvey

Hurricane Fundraiser

There is a very important window of opportunity to make significant gains in language for a child on the autism spectrum before they are 6 years old. These children are also extremely susceptible to transitions or anything novel. Many children will have a melt down even if their parents drive home from school a different way than expected.

Many of the children can go through regressions that can set them back even years by simple things like changing a therapist or changing schools. Something like the upheaval caused by losing one’s home and suddenly living in a strange place, even in a shelter with dozens or hundreds of other people is beyond what most of these children can bear.

A disruption in their therapy during this time could have life-long effects and the longer the interruption, the more permanent the negative impact.

Gemiini can be a bridge over a very troubled time. It can deliver proven, effective therapy to children anywhere there is an Internet signal once every 2 weeks.

With your help, KultureCity® aims to provide children with effective web-based teletherapy. Gemiini Systems will also match dollar for dollar all donations. That means that a child can receive an entire year of therapy right in their home for only $600. No amount is too small to give, and 90% of the proceeds go directly to providing therapy.


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