Toys AUcross America

Toys AUcross America is our program where we send toys to children with autism across the United States.

Why Toys?

To some, a toy is just a toy but to children with disabilities, a toy can mean so much more. It can mean a window into a world rarely seen, a gesture of good faith designed to show them that someone cares or even a key to unlock a future of limitless potential. The toys that we send out, are curated to do just that. To promote wonder, joy and learning.

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Toys help children with special needs in the following areas: fine motor skills, emotions, language and communication, social skills, coordination, thinking & reasoning, sensory development, sequencing, and imagination. Since most parents that we serve have a very limited budget to work with, providing their children with these toys can truly make an impact on their lives.

Toys are also great for enhancing fine motor skills by helping children address skills that they need to use their hands for. Toys also can help them learn how objects fit together and that they have different shapes, sizes and colors. In addition to this, toys can help children develop better hand-eye coordination and also offer important sensory stimulation.

Toys is ran by our very own resident Santa, Michael Miller. Along with his son Jonathan, they started Toys when they decided to mail some of Jonathan’s Thomas trains to children on the Autism Spectrum. They thought it would be cool for these children to receive a surprise package in the mail.

What they found out was this simple gesture had an amazing effect on these children and their parents. They soon realized they were not just mailing toys, they were mailing “Love” and “Hope”. Love for these children and hope for these parents.

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A toy can change a child’s life. Will you help? $10 will help us buy and ship a toy to a child. $10 to put a smile on a child’s face. $10 to change a child’s life. That’s not too much to ask is it?


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