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I am beyond excited to run the NYC Marathon with KultureCity, an organization that holds a special place in my heart. A mission to “make the nevers possible,” provides opportunities for those with sensory sensitivities and disabilities to fully participate in events, experiences, and pursue their dreams without barriers.

I have completed at least one marathon every month for over 5 years. NYC will be my fourth World Major Marathon! This run is extra special because each step forward in training, the marathon itself, and especially fundraising is one step closer to sensory accessibility and inclusion for all.

And while KultureCity is truly changing the world, they are making huge and noticeable impacts in our communities.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of their work through individuals like Adrienne Bunn and my friend Jack Knight. Adrienne, despite facing doubts living with autism, she has become the youngest Ironman World Champion at Kona Hawaii, empowered by KultureCity’s support. Similarly, Jack, living with autism and primarily non-verbal, has achieved remarkable feats, including completing the NYC marathon.

Your support is truly appreciated. Join me in this journey of inclusion and empowerment.

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Created April 2nd, 2024

Brittany Decker


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