Yogibo: Certified Sensory Inclusive Furniture For All

About Yogibo

In 2009, we set out to revolutionize the very essence of soothing furniture. Fast forward to today, and Yogibo's sensory bliss spans the globe.

Our patented design and supremely comfortable, responsive filling deliver instant, contoured support and soothing relief to bodies of all shapes and sizes, no matter the seating position.

With a focus on creating a unique, life-adaptable ecosystem of relaxation, the Yogibo experience only gets better when multiple pieces work together. Combine our furniture, bean bags, or our many accessories to create a cocoon of comfort where you can recharge and find peace, regardless of life's twists and turns. Why settle for an ordinary seat when you can have a Yogibo?

We're excited to partner with our friends at KultureCity, providing our beloved bean bags for sensory rooms worldwide. Together, we're breaking barriers and ensuring that comfort and inclusivity go hand in hand. So, join us on this adventure as we work to make the nevers possible because soothing comfort should be an experience for everyone.

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