KultureCity Fit is the brainchild of KultureCity co-founder Dr. Michele Kong and NFL legend Tiki Barber to merge philanthropy with physical fitness through exercise, diet and community.

This idea was conceived in 2016 when they ran the Boston Marathon together, where every step represented a forward motion toward a more inclusive and accessible world. Ever since then, KultureCity Fit has been joined by athletes of all abilities, from all around the world, to Make the Nevers Possible™!

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Our KultureCity Fit ambassadors use their running or atheletic platforms to push the inclusion mission forward.

Run, bike, swim for inclusion!!

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NYRR NYC Marathon

Nov 03, 2024

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Who is KultureCity Fit?

KultureCity Fit is a collective group of individuals who are fueled not just by the desire to be better runners, swimmers, cyclists or athletes, but to use their passion to promote acceptance and inclusion of everyone, particularly those with invisible disabilities, and sensory needs. Our athletes come from all walks of life, from professional athletes, to artists, musicians and working parents.

The KultureCity Fit team is also a truly inclusive team, consisting of members who are neurodiverse and neurotypical!

Raise funds while staying active

We will use the KultureCity Fit platform to fundraise for our Sensory Inclusive™ initiatives. This has a tremendous direct impact on promoting inclusion and sensory accessibility so that everyone can be included in everyday public activities such as visiting a museum, attending a basketball game, enjoying a music concert, or even just going to a restaurant for a nice meal.

Funds raised will also allow athletes to support their neurodivergent team mates and make ‘the nevers possible’ for them!

The philosophy of KultureCity Fit is simple

We can achieve anything, even the impossible, one step at a time. It starts with having the courage to take the first step.

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Running is about the journey that takes us to the start line. It is about showing up, toeing the line and running with our hearts, knowing that we are running for those who cannot. It is putting one foot in front of the other. And when we look back, we have climbed a mountain and crossed an ocean.

Michele Kong, M.D.

I spent most of my life being an athlete, so I know well the thrill of the arena. Running is less about the arena, and more about the journey... and in a marathon, that journey is both singular and collective. You're lost in your mind as your body endures but driven forward by the energy of those around you. Running takes passion! Running 26.2 miles for a cause, though, is all about compassion.

Tiki Barber

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Featured Runners

Jack Knight

Adrienne Bunn

How you can help?

You can collaborate with us in various initiatives, choose one and be part of this great movement of inclusion.

Featured Runner

Jack Knight

Jack Knight is a 27-year-old man on a mission to promote inclusion and change the world for individuals such as himself. Jack has autism and has significant difficulties with communication and sensory regulation.

One day, he indicated an interest in running and together with his parents, Diane and Greg Knight, completed a 5K. It was a hard 5K, with frequent stops, but step by step, they crossed the finish line. Jack then indicated that he wanted to run longer distances, with the goal of running a full marathon. Jack started working everyday with his run and strength coach, Kevin to build his endurance and to improve his overall physical conditioning. He learnt how to drink and eat while running.

Over the last 2 years leading to his debut Mercedes Marathon, Jack completed four half-marathons with his coach, and his family by this side. What is even more amazing is that Jack galvanized his community around him to run with him for inclusion and acceptance of all individuals with autism and other invisible disabilities. They are lovingly called Jack's Pack. For his first marathon in Feb 2020, 50 runners ran with Jack as his pack, and together they helped Jack achieve the impossible. He was told that he would never be a marathoner, and on that day, Jack proved to the world that with believe, and perseverance, nothing was impossible!

Featured Runner

Adrienne Bunn

Adrienne Bunn is a 17-year-old autistic woman. Through determination, hard work and a love for sport she has overcome adversity to prove that a diagnosis does not define an individual – and that women and girls everywhere can make their dreams a reality.

Adrienne was diagnosed with autism aged 4. Despite her parents’ concern about missing developmental markers, hyperactivity and meltdowns, diagnosis was an uphill struggle due to medical professionals’ dismissal of her behaviors as lack of parental discipline.

This lack of support continued into Adrienne’s school career. Bullying meant she moved school often. Her behavior in class led to the insistence of teachers that she was medicated. No support was offered to her or her family.

Shortly after starting medication, Adrienne was a shell of her former self with little of her natural personality or energy. At this time she was also given a task in P.E class to run circuits of the school parking lot. This was a turning point for Adrienne.

The circuits were predictable, she could run them independently and her progress was measurable as she would receive a token for each circuit completed from her teacher.

Soon after, Adrienne was using running as a strategy with which to navigate her life and was even joined on her adventures by therapy dog Otis! She began to regulate her anxiety and agitation with exercise. Running had transformed her quality of life entirely.

Since beginning her journey with running Adrienne has competed in over 25 races. Through these events Adrienne has gained confidence, self-esteem and unconditional acceptance in the sporting community. These monumental strides were all made possible by physical activity.

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