Sensory Inclusive™ First Responder Certification

Becoming Sensory Inclusive™ Certified helps first responders serve all citizens regardless of their sensory needs, mental health challenges or invisible disabilities.

Sensory Inclusive™ First Responder Certification

Over 275 First Responder departments across the USA have worked with us to become Sensory Inclusive™ Certified with our continuous training, sensory bags, sensory certified vehicle decals and app integration.

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Why become certified:

  • The current US Census shows 1 in 4 individuals has a sensory need and this demographic continues to increase.
  • Responding to an individual with a sensory need is different and challenging.
  • Whether a First Responder has training in how to approach someone with invisible disabilities can make a vital difference at crucial times.
  • People with invisible disabilities (ID) tend to react differently and get overwhelmed more easily than neurotypical individuals due to various sensory sensitivities.
  • These factors, along with the communication challenges, means there is a lot of opportunity for confusion and actions that can be misinterpreted or cause additional escalation during emergency situations.
  • These behaviors include avoiding eye contact, being unsteady on their feet, appearing agitated or pacing, not complying with directions, and being sensitive to touch.

How you can help?

You can collaborate with us in various initiatives, choose one and be part of this great movement of inclusion.

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