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Kristin Runs NYC Marathon ’23 for KultureCity

This year, I will be running my first New York City Marathon with KultureCity, an organization that supports individuals with disabilities by creating sensory accessibility and inclusion for all. I am thrilled to be running my first NYC Marathon, but even more excited to support inclusion for individuals with disabilities in the process. 

As a special education teacher, I see the impact that KultureCity has by creating sensory friendly events and opportunities for all individuals to participate in. Many individuals have sensory needs or invisible disabilities, including PTSD, autism, and TBI’s. Many public events may not be conducive for all, and unfortunately some individuals may withdraw from participating. KultureCity works towards ensuring that events are accommodating to all sensory needs by organizing sensory friendly events, training staff on how to make accommodations to events, and educating first responders on how to meet the needs of all. The nonprofit organization builds sensory friendly rooms, sends out mobile sensory friendly rooms for events, and provides sensory kits to individuals in need. By making small changes to events, KultureCity makes big strides towards inclusion for all. It is exciting to see events become more inclusive for all, so that students like mine can be included in all events. 

Please join me as I train for the 2023 New York City Marathon by donating to my fundraiser for KultureCity! You can learn more at Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at the finish line!

$1,805 raised of $5,000

NYC Marathon 2023

Running 26.2 miles in the NYC Marathon on Sunday, Nov 5th, 2023.
This will be my 5th NYC Marathon and my 4th NYC Marathon for KultureCity! Wanting this to be the best one yet and raise the most I have raised for this race for KC!


Raising awareness and funds to help KultureCity further their mission to make our community and world more inclusive for those with sensory needs and invisible disabilities.


Join me as I train and run this year’s 2023 NYC Marathon and please help by donating through my fundraiser for KultureCity. Happy to cross the finish line for KultureCity and those with sensory needs and invisible disabilities and to help raise money to continue many programs across the US and world including: providing Sensory Bags at public venues, providing Mobile Sensory Stations at events, continuing to provide Sensory Inclusive First Responder Certifications across the U.S., building more Sensory Activation Vehicles to take to outdoor events (baseball games/concerts) and indoor events (conferences/exhibitions) and many more!


Those with sensory needs includes children and adults with autism and Down’s syndrome, military veterans with PTSD, adults with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke patients and many more.

Learn more by visiting their website at

Hoping to cross the finish line again this year!! Please follow along with my training on IG and please support my fundraiser for KultureCity. Thank you!

$0 raised of $15,000

Purpose is Power

I am the proud mom of two beautiful boys, Ethan and Owen. In 2021 Ethan was diagnosed with Autism and so began the process of learning, understanding, and adapting to life with a child whose needs are different from his peers. For sometime, Ethan had struggled in social situations–we’d mostly noted that he was shy, but his shyness was at times paralyzing. It hurt to watch him not be able to enjoy events and places that other children navigated with ease and joy. The impact of this was pervasive; no person in our family was unaffected. If Ethan got anxious or uncomfortable, so did we. Oftentimes we would make changes (bringing two cars to parties, leaving playgrounds early if Ethan was overwhelmed) that directly impacted Owen’s experience and that caused him to miss opportunities that he’d otherwise enjoy. In these moments, it felt like choosing sides–picking one child’s needs and  preferences over the others. The guilt of making these decisions was crushing and cruel. 

One day I bought a family membership to a local zoo. As we entered I saw a sign indicating that the zoo was sensory friendly and made note to read more about the organization designated on the sign–KultureCity. As I began to scroll through the website I was awestruck. I downloaded the app and we used it that week, over spring break. I shared the social stories found on the app with both boys as we visited several places that were KC certified. Both children liked looking at the pictures and knowing what was to be expected, I felt less anxious because I knew we were prepared. More importantly, there were spaces and tools for us to use if needed; we could do things differently, rather than being denied. 

I had been an avid runner for a while before kids, before an Autism diagnosis, before I knew about KultureCity. I have turned to running as an outlet for stress many times in my life and I’m grateful for all that running has given me (health, friendship, and sense of accomplishment).  In 2020 I decided that I’d begin working towards running a marathon in all 50 states. While it is a long term goal, I am happy to partner with KCfit along the way. This year I will be running the Chicago Marathon, Antelope Canyon 50 Miler (my first 50), The Flying Pig Marathon and finally New York City 26.2. My goal is to not only fundraise for sensory acceptance and adaptive programs but to share my experience in hopes of helping others. Purpose is powerful and I am excited to run for an organization that I feel deeply connected to.


$620 raised of $10,000

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