Bened Life

Bened Life is on a mission to promote mental health with safe and effective neurologically active probiotics. Our products and our sponsorship of KultureCity’s program Make The Nevers Possible™ are dedicated to improving the lived experience of those with sensory sensitivities and invisible disabilities.

KultureCity / Bened Life Partnership

Bened Life is certified by KultureCity as a Sensory Inclusive™ organization and is the headlining sponsor for KultureCity’s program Make The Nevers Possible™.

BenedLife and KultureCity have teamed up to make 24 life-changing “Nevers” possible for people with invisible disabilities. No dream is too big! Recent examples of “Nevers” are running a half marathon, pitching in a big-league ballpark, or meeting Elmo.

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What does this mean?

  • You can nominate yourself or someone else to receive a Make the Nevers Possible™ experience
  • 24 “Nevers” will be chosen by Kulture City and facilitated by Kulture City staff and volunteers in 2022-2023
  • Bened Life staff are Sensory Inclusive™ trained, and attuned to the needs of individuals with invisible disabilities

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