Sensory Inclusive™ Certification

Becoming Sensory Inclusive™ certified helps your business become more accepting and inclusive to ALL and also helps open up your business to a brand new community.

Sensory Inclusive™ Certification

Over 1800+ locations across the USA and the world have worked with us to become certified with our continuous training, sensory bags and app integration.

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Why become certified:

  • It caters to everyone with sensory needs not just autism. This includes military vets with PTSD, adults with dementia, Parkinson's disease, stroke patients just to name a few.
  • It is also easy to execute with staff training, and simple yet impactful modifications made to the location. The location will then always be Sensory Inclusive™.
  • Sensory Inclusive™ ensures daily accessibility not limited by time and location thus creating an accepting and inclusive community.

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How you can help?

You can collaborate with us in various initiatives, choose one and be part of this great movement of inclusion.

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