Sensory Activation Vehicle (S.A.V.E)

Our sensory activation vehicle, S.A.V.E for short is designed to bring a mobile sensory experience to any event that lacks a physical space for a dedicated sensory room. From outdoor events like concerts and baseball games to indoor events like exhibitions and conferences, our S.A.V.E ensures that all guests can be included in all events.

Sensory Activation Vehicle

Our S.A.V.E. makes events accessible for all to Our S.A.V.E. makes events accessible for all. Bring one to your event today and make it sensory inclusive.

Inside S.A.V.E.

  • Designed to bring sensory relief to locations that don't have interior physical space for a sensory room.
  • Provides a quick sensory refuge for those with sensory needs.
  • Enables them to get a quick break and then go back to enjoying the event.
  • Enables families to attend these events together with their loved ones with sensory needs.
Bring the S.A.V.E. to your event

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