Charity Chuck’s 3rd Marathon for INCLUSION

$295 of $26,200

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I am running my 3rd Marathon for KultureCity with the goal of making the world a more inclusive place for people of ALL abilities.


My Aunt Merle was in a car accident that left her with a small chance of surviving over 40 years ago (!!) and has been advocating for disability rights ever since. In her career in Pittsfield, MA, she founded the first fully inclusive run-oar-roll triathalon, fundraised to build the first fully inclusive playground, has petitioned for numerous law changes and additional benefits and continues to inspire the community on a day-to-day basis. AKA she is a fkng LEGEND!


My mom is a speech-language pathologist who dedicated her life to working with elementary aged students who communicated and learned differently.


My dad, who was born to parents who survived the holocaust, immigrated to America from Poland & Israel at the age of 8 with his family (shoutout to my Aunt Marilyn!)– he did not speak English and had no money. He worked tirelessly to own Avignone – the #1 health & beauty aid pharmacy in NYC!


My wife, who is in her eighth year of medical training, just started her cardiology fellowship at NYU (moDRel Icon!).


26.2 miles pales in comparison to their accomplishments. So lets raise $$$ and make the world MORE INCLUSIVE for everyone!!


LFG!! Rock On & Stay Epic!

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Created August 1st, 2023



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