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Let’s run it back!!

I am so excited to be running the 2023 NYC Marathon with Kulture City.

At KultureCity, their mission is to “make the nevers possible”. For families with children who have a sensory disability,  routine occasions like going out to dinner, setting up playdates, seeing their favorite sports team, etc. can seem impossibly hard. So much so, that families often leave these experiences exhausted, disheartened, and thinking that they could “never do that again” because they were unable to properly address their child’s sensory overload in the public setting. KultureCity’s mission is to “make the nevers possible” so that people with sensory disabilities can experience the same joys as other families and ensure that they feel comfortable and supported while doing so.

Please join me in furthering this wonderful organizations mission by donating to my fundraiser for KultureCity! You can learn more about KultureCity at Thank you for your support and I hope to see you on the streets of NYC this November

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Created July 25th, 2023

Christine Beaudet


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