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What is HeroKulture?

HeroKulture by KultureCity is our NYC autism month event where celebrity and philanthropy walk hand in hand to promote acceptance, inclusion and raise funds for programs benefiting autistic individuals. During the evening, our goal is to highlight amazing autistic hero journeys as we celebrate autism acceptance and inclusion.

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HeroKulture 2023

HeroKulture 2023 will take place on April 18th 2023 at 630pm.

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We're looking for partners that care about acceptance, inclusions and diversity of those with different abilities. KultureCity has a radical impact on our community and our country, and we know that meaningful partnerships make all the difference. HeroKulture 2022 presents a unique opportunity to build stronger community ties, promote your business in the process and be intimately associated with one of the most exciting charity galas in the United States

"HeroKulture brings together a truly diverse group of individuals and companies from celebrities to fortune 500 CEOS to community leaders and stake-holders. It is truly a night to remember. The friendships made and the knowledge gained is immeasurable. Let's all join together and take a stand to build a true community of acceptance and inclusion for all.”

Dominque Wilkins Dominique Wilkins
NBA HOFer and KultureCity Board Chairman

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