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What is KultureBALL?

KultureBALL by KultureCity is our annual star studded event where celebrity and philanthropy walk hand in hand to promote acceptance, sensory inclusion and raise funds for programs benefiting individuals with sensory needs and invisible disabilities like PTSD, autism, dementia, Down Syndrome just to name a few.

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KultureBALL 2023

Kultureball 2023 will take place on August 19 2023 at 630pm. This years event will feature an amazing performance by Grammy Award-winning Artist LUDACRIS.

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KultureBALL VIP Party 2023

KultureBall VIP Party 2023 will take place on August 18 2023 at 630pm. This years event will feature an exclusive performance by platinum recording artists X Ambassadors.

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Why be a sponsor?

We're looking for partners that care about acceptance, inclusions and diversity of those with disabilities. KultureCity is a movement that continues to change the culture, our communities and our country. KultureBall 2023 presents a unique opportunity for you or your company to join this movement of acceptance and embrace sensory inclusion, all while promoting your business and becoming a part of one of the most exciting events in the United States.

“I had a very complex upbringing with school and my experience with learning in general and to have an organization like KultureCity existing back when I was going to school would have changed my life.
What I realize differentiates KultureCity is that nothing is ‘transactional’ – it is all an EXPERIENCE.
You aren’t just getting ‘donations – you are receiving support for your mission.
You aren’t just ‘putting a room in an arena’ – you are making venues more accessible.
You aren’t just ‘training employees’ – you are educating us on what sensory needs are and how we can be more inclusive.

All in all, please know that the KultureBall is like nothing I have ever experienced and I look forward to continuing to work together for decades."

Dominque Wilkins Channing Tatum
Actor, Author and Philanthropist
KultureCity Human Highlight Advocate of the Year 2022

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