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LEGO and KultureCity:
Building Sensory Inclusive Experiences for Neurodivergent Fans

LEGO® entities continue drive to make play experiences accessible to all and launch new wave of long-term initiatives to support and celebrate neurodivergent fans

BILLUND, DENMARK, April 2, 2024: The LEGO Group, LEGO House and the LEGO Foundation today announce a range of long-term initiatives designed to support and celebrate neurodivergent children and adults to mark the start of World Autism Acceptance Month.

Colette Burke, Chief Commercial Officer at the LEGO Group, comments: "All LEGO® entities are united by our mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow and a belief that the benefits of play are equally critical to all children. This fuels our exploration of how to make the LEGO experience more inclusive and welcoming for everyone."

"We know the LEGO System in Play is enjoyed by neurodivergent fans of all ages and we want to support, inspire, and celebrate their creativity. We hope that the changes to our stores, publications and family attractions will have a positive impact and help embrace the diverse needs and strengths of our fans globally. There will always be more to do, and we’re committed to working with fans and experts to implement initiatives that can help make a difference in building a more inclusive world."

Sensory inclusion at LEGO House and LEGO stores

KultureCity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing accessibility in public spaces for individuals with sensory needs and non-visible disabilities. It certifies locations that provide visitors with an inclusive experience through staff training and access to support tools.

The certification serves as a reassurance to visitors that staff at certified venues understand how sensory needs vary and how best they can help ensure everyone feels welcome and supported in their visit. It also means that sensory bags are always available to check out at no cost during visits. These contain items such as noise-reducing headphones, fidget tools, visual cue cards, KultureCity branded lanyards, and strobe reduction glasses.

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