For children on the autism spectrum, communication is always a challenge, especially for those who are non-verbal. tablet:kulture seeks to help in these situations. Through gifts of old tablets and financial donations, we are equipping children with Ipads to foster the development of language and assist in communication.

A Tablet is a voice

A touch screen tablet to many, is a source of entertainment or a way to stay connected. To individuals with special needs, it can be much more: a voice. Many children with special needs struggle with communication, but new research suggests that using iPads and other tablets can help maximize language skills. A tablet might be the difference for a child between communicating with the outside world or being locked into a closed state.

Give a tablet

Children given access to a tablet are able to make “significant and rapid gains” in their use of language. Children that used tablets learnt new words and some produced sentences. For some parents, it was the first time they’d been able to communicate with their children. With more children receiving tablets, conversation may become possible for greater numbers of children with special needs and their families.

The social acceptance of a tablet is also very important.Tablets are everyday objects that are user-friendly and recognizable by everyone. This helps the individual using it be accepted by the community. They also can help the child engage in a two-way conversation with anyone, without having to provide an explanation of how the system works and what they should do.

A tablet can really open up a whole new world for a child and provide them with a future without limits. As a community, it helps us realize that everyone has potential, all we need to do is to give them a voice.

Give a tablet

Give a Tablet

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