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We are so excited to be joining the Kulture City Fit team in the New York City Marathon! We are so passionate about Kulture City’s mission to create sensory accessibility and inclusion for those with invisible disabilities. Trust us when we say there are very few reasons to run 26.2 miles, but Kulture City is definitely at the top of our list!

We got connected with the founders of Kulture City Julian and Michele back in 2021 and loved that they were both from Malaysia just like Logesh, and making a huge impact here in America. Over the past several years, we have witnessed Kulture City grow and make a global impact for those with invisible disabilities. From creating sensory rooms, to developing groundbreaking communication apps, to training law enforcement on sensory inclusion, the work that has been done by Kulture City is absolutely incredible.
We feel that Kulture City’s mission and goal for sensory inclusion is so powerful. Every single person is either personally affected, or knows someone affected, by an invisible disability. Rachel works as a behavior specialist with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other sensory disorders and sees everyday first hand how important this work is.
You can help make a difference in the fight for inclusion. If you’re able to donate to the cause, we would be so incredibly grateful. Any amount no matter how big or small makes a difference. Thank you all for your beautiful support as we embark on this journey of running for this amazing cause!


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Created June 13th, 2024



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